Friday, March 16, 2007

3D Discrete Dynamical Systems

Shown above are 3D scatter plots of several trajectories for a saddle point origin. The program is written in C, based on an old computer graphics project. The L triplet denotes the eigenvalues used to generate the system.


Kea said...

Oooo, fun toy. How's your paper coming along?

Doug said...

The use of "trajectories" with "saddle points" immediately raises the possibility of 'Dynamic Noncooperative Game Theory' by T Basar and GJ Olsder from my perspective.

The above is being extended by 'Max Plus Algebra' of Stephane Gaubert and others [T Basar, GJ Olsder, WM McEneaney, etc] to DES [Discrete Event Systems].

kneemo said...

Thanks doug,

Yes, the math.OC/0609243 paper discusses the discrete time version of the max-plus analogue of the spectral equation. Apparently Maslov, Kolokoltsov, and others are members of the idempotent analysis school. This is the approach I take.