Saturday, November 28, 2009

The LHC is back!

Last weekend and this week, the LHC has accomplished many tasks: it first circulated two beams in opposite directions, then made them collide in the heart of the four giant detectors and finally slightly increased their energy. Virtual champagne to the hundreds of people working nights and days to repair the machine, prepare it for new start-up and finally operate it.

Read More at CERN News


Anonymous said...

Great news! My professor was discussing about this in one of his classes the other day. I am a college sophomore with a dual major in Physics and Mathematics @ University of California, Santa Barbara. By the way, i came across these excellent physics flashcards. Its also a great initiative by the FunnelBrain team. Amazing!!!

kneemo said...

Sounds great. I was at UCSB myself, years ago. :)

Thanks for the link. As a dual Physics/Math major, you might enjoy Nakahara's Geometry, Topology and Physics. It's a standard text for theoretical physics grad students.