Monday, March 12, 2012

M-theory 2023

In the recent Prometheus trailer (Alien prequel), Peter Weyland in his 2023 TED talk mentions M-theory as one of mankind's great accomplishments.  M-theory isn't yet complete, but I'm pretty certain it (or its completion) will be complete by 2023.  Either way, it's entertaining to imagine the status of high energy physics 11 years from now.

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This joke saved my morning;-)!

Anonymous said...

Cool :-D

... it should really be complete by 2023? At least I should then be able to hear about the final result in this case :-).

(Dont know which joke Matti is talking about ...?)


Anonymous said...

I googled M-theory and Weyland and found this blog and though to interject.

I thought it quite perplexing for him to mention it too, but having given it some thought, realized it was a pretty decent nod.

Him stating M-theory only means that they've accomplished or proven the string theory which in turn might explain "FTL" travel ,"artificial gravity" or harvesting limitless energy from super symmetry and whatever processes that which make them all possible.

M-theory could accomplish all this, but its the application which is intriguing. He should have said something to that effect though because just stating the theory is rather vague.
Its like we don't know what dark matter is and all the unknown objects that it might be and we don't know what M-theory can do.