Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Higgs Found?

An official CERN video appeared on posts at viXra log and TRF, turning the Higgs rumors into solid evidence for a new particle.  As stated in the video, this new boson has an even numbered spin and behaves very much like a Higgs particle (with 125 GeV mass).  So the question remains: is this a Standard Model Higgs boson?  As noted by John Ellis, the present electroweak vacuum is unstable for a light Higgs in the range 114-135 GeV, requiring new physics to stabilize it (see TRF for a detailed discussion).

By later this year, the identity of the newly found particle should be known.  And if we're lucky, another particle could be found (e.g. a Z' boson), telling us more about which models are best suited for describing our universe.


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