Friday, December 09, 2011

Higgs rumors at 124.6 GeV

December 13 comes ever closer and the rumors about the Higgs mass get more detailed. Lubos Motl has commented on a recent post at QDS by Tommaso Dorigo in which he seems to hint at a possible Higgs mass from diphoton Higgs decay channels

- gamma: a gamma-ray is a photon, i.e. a quantum of light. A very energetic one, to be sure: a gamma ray is such only if it carries significantly more energy than a x-ray, so above a Mega-electron-Volt or so. The gammas we will be hearing about are those directly coming from a Higgs boson decay, and these have an energy of 62.3 GeV, equivalent to the kinetic energy of a mosquito traveling at 9 centimeters per second.

Here, the Higgs mass 124.6 GeV = 62.3 GeV x 2, from a process that can be written as H -> gamma gamma - where the Higgs decays to two high energy photons. Of course, Tommaso admits
I teased my most gullible readers with a (wrong) covert give-away of the Higgs mass ...
Either way, it is fun to speculate when the actual announcement is only a few days away. So let's see how close this 124.6 GeV is to the official (statistical) CMS value on Monday.

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