Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Higgs rumors were correct

The official results are in, at least for the LHC's 2011 data, and it appears the rumors were quite accurate. See TRF and QDS for further details. To quote CMS member Dorigo, who stated there is now "Firm Evidence" with the current data,

So the summary is that ATLAS has a 3.6-sigma significance at 126 GeV, by combining their three most sensitive channels; CMS has a 2.4-sigma significance at 124 GeV, by combining all the meaningful search channels -even less sensitive ones.

After an ATLAS and CMS combined plot is produced, there might very well be over 4 sigma evidence for a light Higgs. I'm certain Philip Gibbs is working on a combined plot at this very moment. There is still a Christmas present to be delivered! Stay tuned.


Kea said...

You were right! Great.

kneemo said...

It's now a question of what type of fairy this is. For mathematical reasons, I'm leaning towards models that arise naturally from (nonassociative) quantum gravity. NQG lol.

Edo said...

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